I embraced motherhood at the tender age of 17, growing up as pastor's daughter and an "All-American Girl" made my first pregnancy as what society would call "taboo". I can never forget my high school counselor calling me into her office to reaffirm how she felt I ruined my life. The farther I walked away from her office the more hysterical my weeping became. At that moment I felt like a failure deviating from the strict standards that my parent's set, the pressure to be perfect, amd to  later realize it is o.k. to have flaws. For awhile, I must admit I did become an overcompensator.......................


One thing for certain is that I was determined to defy every statistic, myth, and stereotype that was associated with being a teen mom. In the past, I wasn't very transparent about sharing that part of my life with others until I visited a penal facility to mentor young mothers, sharing my story of overcoming teen pregnancy, amongst other trajectory experiences that I've encountered in life to become a life success story. I quickly, discovered that sharing my story with others was not just for the victim, but it unlocked a part of my purpose that I get to share with the world, via a platform with The National Teen Advocacy Group as an advocate and motivational speaker.


One of the most frequent questions that I am asked is  "What motivates you to do what you do?" Without question my children are the catalyst as to why I work tirelessly as an interior designer, an educator, an advocate, a philanthropist. My biggest hope is to impact, inspire, and to empower them to be the best they can be and to always strive for greatness.


Kymberlyn Lacy, M.Ed., AIA



My Family

"Parenting is the most challenging, yet rewarding job that I have."




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